About us

Nebraska Trucking Association

For more than 80 years, the Nebraska Trucking Association has advocated for and promoted the trucking industry in Nebraska. We represent more than 860 companies from every part of the state and our more than 500 motor carriers. Members range from many single-truck owner-operators to some of the nation's largest fleets.

As the statewide trade association for commercial trucks and affiliated businesses, we deliver so you can. We deliver the essential knowledge, contacts, services, political representation, and partnerships that help our members continue to deliver the goods to Nebraska communities and throughout North America.


Russell Johns

Russell Johns, founded in 1968, is the country's leading publisher's representative for small space, recruitment and direct response advertising in both print and online media. With roots in medical and dental recruitment classified advertising, Russell Johns Associates now represents publishers of association, professional, medical and consumer publications and media. The company's full-service approach to representation includes expertise in advertising sales, marketing, customer service, billing, production/creative and interactive services.


MCA-Russell Johns

Russell Johns is a subsidiary of MCA-Russell Johns, a full service advertising agency. My Classified Ads offers nationwide labor certification advertising and public notice services. My Classified Ads has been the go to agency for professionals and law firms who require an extreme amount of accountability and accuracy. We understand that advertising is a crucial aspect of not only a company’s brand but also a critical aspect to your business. We seek to make sure that every ad is placed correctly and on time, in compliance with any necessary regulations. My Classified Ads has over 20 years of diversified advertising experience in all types of media. We aim to set a high standard of accuracy in making sure that not only every dollar spent is accountable but also that all your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.